Why Hire Us?

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Why Hire a Professional Interior Designer?

Today’s clients are technologically savvy and while there is no question that “bargains abound” on numerous websites, one must not lose site of the benefits of hiring a professional Interior Designer, like Decker Ross Interiors. Not only can we take your project from inception to completion, we help you avoid costly mistakes, as well as decrease your stress level.  Instead of haphazardly purchasing random pieces from the numerous online discount sites or local stores, our designers can envision and implement an overall design plan to create a cohesive look throughout your home or commercial space.  Although you can purchase random pieces at reduced prices, these pieces may not be the correct scale (size), and often turn out to be inferior products or may even arrived damaged and become a real hassle to return.  We take the guesswork out of your purchases, and we stand behind the products we select -saving you time and money.

Interior Design is a service. With your Decker Ross purchases, you are not only receiving quality pieces at approximately 30% less than MSRP; but are also benefitting from our design time and professional, creative expertise and over 50 years of combined, award-winning experience.

Here are a few quotes from recent clients:

“I decided to purchase several pieces of furniture online, but two of the pieces arrived damaged and were inferior quality- containing particle board construction,” remarked Terry.  “They were also smaller than they appeared in the pictures.” She also had issues returning the items, but is very satisfied with the replacement pieces we found for her.

One of our out-of-state clients, Mike, said: “The team at Decker Ross performed an almost-complete overhaul of our home on Lake Tarpon, including space planning, construction oversight, paint, carpet, and furniture selection, draperies and accessories.  Through excellent project management techniques, use of digital media and other technologies, and ample conference calls, we were able to complete this project with actually very minimal local time required of us.  They literally did it all!”

Each client is different.  Some out of state clients need an entire array of design services to create a “Turn-key” investment property.  Others simply need an hourly design consultation, or window treatments only. Some clients hire us to work with their architect or contractor, prior to “breaking ground” or starting a major renovation.  We do our best to accommodate each individual client’s needs and particular design situation.

From blueprints to finishing touches, our professional design staff offers preliminary planning, project coordination with architects, builders, and subcontractors and then completes the look of your project with art, accessories, window treatments, and appropriate lighting.  We offer access to more than a thousand assorted vendors that cater to every budget. This helps to create a unique, beautiful space that will reflect your taste, personality and lifestyle.