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Outdoor Living

Enjoy Outdoor Living Year Round Outdoor area by Southern Point Constructionand Premier Outdoor Living & Design. Photo by Dorian Photography Inc. As our northern friends deal with the brutal wintery effects of the polar vortex, we are reminded of how wonderful our mild Florida winters are. Outdoor living is not just a seasonal event in…
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Going Green

GOING GREEN Is it possible to decorate your home “green’? Not the color, of course, but utilizing the environmental concept? Suzan Decker Ross and her staff at Decker Ross Interiors say it absolutely is. They’ve done a number of projects that prove it. “When we designed the model at the Sandpearl Residences on Clearwater Beach,…
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Accentuate with Accessories

Accentuate with Accessories Whether you hire a professional Interior Designer, or are a "Do It Yourself-er", do NOT underestimate the power of those finishing touches--accessories. This is an often overlooked, and underfunded part of design. Accessories encompass a variety of items including vases, decorative boxes, greenery, art, books, and sculpture, just to name a few.…
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