Accentuate with Accessories

Accentuate with Accessories

Copy Righted WorkWhether you hire a professional Interior Designer, or are a "Do It Yourself-er", do NOT underestimate the power of those finishing touches--accessories. This is an often overlooked, and underfunded part of design. Accessories encompass a variety of items including vases, decorative boxes, greenery, art, books, and sculpture, just to name a few. They can be used to highlight a focal point in a room. Selecting appropriate accessories for a fireplace mantel, hearth, or built in bookshelves flanking each side is critical to draw the eye to these architectural features.

Assess your space. Furniture and accessories need to be the correct scale for the room. Large rooms with high ceilings can make normal-size items look like they belong in a "doll house" proportionally, if you don't keep this in mind. A tall, substantial floor vase, oversized silk tree, and large scale art with heavier framing are necessary when designing for this type of space.

Refreshing your accessories is a great way to update your home without a large investment. You can purchase new pillows, add or change an area rug, or swap out lamps, art, or sculpture to create an entirely new ambience in a space. It's an easy way to add a "pop of color" or alter the color palette of a room.

Personalize your home with updated family and travel photos in a hallway, stairwell or nook. Children's art is always a vibrant addition to any decor. These items can be "livened up" with new “mix and match” unique frames and matting. Add variety and interest to a cocktail table with a new floral arrangement and attractive coffee table books that have special meaning or interest to your family.

Copyrighted WorkKeep in mind the overall design style of your home when considering these accents and finishing touches. For a contemporary décor, clean line accessories with silver or champagne tones, as well as burnished brass are currently popular finishes. For more traditional design elements, utilize bronze tones and perhaps add decorative, leather bound collector edition books to your table tops or bookshelves. Mirrors can be found in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and stylized framing options. They add dimension and interest to walls and bookshelves.

Accessorizing is a critically important aspect of any design budget, and it's the area most people tend to skimp on. It should represent at least 20 percent of the overall budget and even more if you're an art collector. Interior Design is similar to fashion in that the finishing touches can make or break the overall look. A woman would not want to wear a beautiful, stylish dress without the appropriate jewelry, belt, or handbag to complete the outfit.

Be sure to complete your home’s fresh, new look with the appropriate finishing accents: your accessories!

By Shawn Tanney Richards

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