Elegant Sophistication with Coastal Flair

The project called for a complete renovation of this 2,000 square foot condo, located directly on the Gulf of Mexico. The entire unit was transformed, from an outdated brightly colored tropical theme to a sophisticated, elegant clean line contemporary design with a coastal flair. In addition to making some structural changes, they reflected the waterfront location in the neutral driftwood and spa blue color tones. Since the homeowners did not want a lot of bold colors or patterns, the designers created visual interest through a variety of textures and subtle patterns. They relied on materials found in nature to echo the relaxed, natural feel of the location. The ultimate goal was to create a beautifully designed, yet comfortable interior that this mid-western family and friends can enjoy for years to come.

Project Location: Mandalay Beach Club- Clearwater Beach (Florida)
DESIGNERS: Jen Kravchuk and Cara Mayes
Both worked closely with the project contractor, Donny Wetherington, of Southern Point Construction.

Additional Jobsite Photos

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