Bringing the Beach Into the Home

Sail into nautical living and beyond with these decorating ideas that won’t leave you landlocked! After all, you live on or near the beach for a reason – you love it! So why not bring a piece of that into the home? There are countless ways to do this without overdoing the theme and turning the space into total nautical nausea.

First, what sights on the beach bring you the most joy or relaxation? Perhaps it’s the way the sand changes colors from shore to dunes… or maybe it’s the way the nearby palm trees sway in the changing wind. Or maybe you’re like me and just love to watch waves break just off the coastline. Is it the way the waves gently swoosh up to the shoreline and disappear back into the sea? The choice is all yours!

But, whatever your preference is, the best room ideas for nautical designs come from the strength of restraint. Don’t fall overboard, or worse yet, drown! Even if it’s as simple as choosing a color of the sand or water that you want to focus on, keep moderation in mind. When done right, your room can look amazing!

Now the fun begins. Decide which part of the beach you’d like to draw your design ideas and colors from.Next, look around the space you want to freshen up. Since we are lucky enough to live here near the coast, you will enjoy a huge selection of nautical accessories to choose from. But remember to show restraint. Stick to your focus and have fun!

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