If you enjoy entertaining during the holidays, here are a few tips for creating a party friendly home. You'll want to assess your seating situation and make sure there is plenty of it! If necessary, remove excessive numbers of throw pillows to provide your guests with adequate seating. Metal, ceramic, or wood decorative pedestal stools can serve dual purposes by providing surfaces for food or drinks, while doubling as additional seats.

Take a look at the room arrangements. You’ll want them to be open and inviting, allowing guests to easily move around. At the same time, you'll want to create conversation nooks to make it easy to talk with each other. A cozy throw, some board games, or an interesting coffee table book can help create a comfortable space, along will providing some conversation starters for people who may not be well acquainted. Store some of your normal accessories and replace them with seasonal treasures including interesting objects, photographs and art. Small room arrangement changes can make a big impact in creating a comfortable and fun party atmosphere in your home. Enjoy your family and friends during this holiday season and we wish you a healthy, happy 2013!

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