FENG SHUI – Part 1

Feng Shui has been around for over 3,500 years and is still highly regarded as a popular, beautiful and tranquil form of decorating. We thought you would be interested in a few basic concepts that you can get started with and easily apply to your home. First, there are various schools of Feng Shui, but they share the same basic goals and all involve the practice of using natural elements and inherent energy in order to live in harmony within your environment.

This flow of energy is known as Chi and is easiest to recognize on a physical level in the form of water, wind, or the sun. In fact, Feng Shui translates in English literally as “Water Wind”. On a molecular level, Chi flows best in soft curves, like a meandering stream or undulating waves. In your home, you can influence the directional flow of Chi by using a mirror, crystal ball, fish tank or a wind chime. These items act to slow this energy by diffusing it in different directions, like a prism.

Bring the outside in! Living objects are a source of beneficial Chi and change spatial energy in a positive way. Create an interior courtyard or add plants, fish or animals. Let your imagination flow, and soon you’ll have your own tropical paradise or other type of peaceful sanctuary.

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