Feng Shui Part 2 The Yin and Yang of Furniture Placement

Last week we talked about the general yin and yang of your home in general. Now,let’s break up your home into a couple of areas, and deal with them one at a time. We’ll begin with a focus on the bedroom as peaceful sleep is such an important part of maintaining good health. As is the case in every room, place important pieces of furniture in the command position. In bedrooms, that would be the bed. As you can imagine, placement of the bed is the most important element in your room and it’s easier to tell you where NOT to place it. The worst place for your bed is right in front of the door with your feet facing the door. Also, the head of the bed should be kept away from a window as this would allow your energy to “escape”.

Keep the doorway open and never block its access with pieces of furniture. If you have a chair in your bedroom, place it so that its back is not towards the entryway or a window. Keep the high traffic path in the room open and place the remaining pieces of furniture, such as the dresser, etc. at least three feet away from the bed.

Next week we’ll tackle the living room.

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