FENG SHUI – part 2

To continue incorporating the principles of Feng Shui into your overall design plan, the FIVE ELEMENTS warrant consideration. They are from the Chinese Taoist Tradition and are the building blocks used both individually, and in combination, to create everything on earth. In part 2, we will offer suggestions on using the first three elements in your home decor.

The first element is Fire and symbolizes action, motivation, and intellect. Adding some artwork containing the color Red, or the inclusion of a wool area rug or geometric angular print fabric can “do the trick”!

Earth, the second element, represents stability, reliability, and confidence. Earth can be incorporated through the use of terracotta planters, neutral stepping stones in the entry, or ceramic accessories.

The third element, Metal, symbolizes wealth and financial success. You can add bronze door knobs, a piece of sculpture, or a metal picture frame to bring this element into your design.

Don’t be intimidated by Feng Shui – just have fun with it!

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