Feng Shui Part 3 Fill Your Family Room With Positive Energy!

The family room is often the most popular room in the home. It’s comfortable, inviting and a great place to relax or entertain. Spend some time scrutinizing the room. Be aware of where the entranceway and high traffic areas are. Where are the windows? Keep the position of these areas in mind before you begin.

Next, if purchasing new furniture, buy chairs and/or a sofa that have rounded corners and high backs as that promotes a smooth flow of energy. If you aren’t purchasing new furniture and there are hard corners on your furniture, be sure to place them in the optimal chi position. For instance, never place any of your chairs or your sofa with their backs to the door or entranceway. Also, try to avoid imbalance in the room and don’t place them too close to tables or other furniture. And, believe it or not, placing your furniture in the shape of the letter “L” is considered to be reminiscent of a poison arrow and thus creates negative “Chi” or energy.

Create conversation area(s) with your furniture. Doing this will direct the flow of energy throughout the space and not allow it to rush out the back door or to an exit. If your room is large, this will be very easy to do. Smaller rooms present more of a challenge, but the use of dividers or screens will help break up the space so that there are no straight paths from the doors to the windows. Position the furniture so that there is a good view of the entryway. If this isn’t possible, use a mirror so that you can see the entryway.

If possible, there should be at least three feet of open space between your sofa and the coffee table. Don’t forget about your pictures and wall hangings – feng shui applies to them also! Hang your pictures so that they are as close to eye level as possible when sitting. And, try to hang them over large pieces of furniture. Make your living room just that – a room to be lived in, filled with harmony!

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