Feng Shui Part Four The Art Of Harmony

The art of harmony applies to every room in your home… from the family room to the kitchen and everything in between. Since your home is most likely your single largest investment, every effort should be made to bring harmony and balance into your home. Life is hectic and fast-paced… your home should be your sanctuary, your place to get away from it all.

To recap, certain Feng Shui rules apply to every room. Always place main pieces of furniture (sofas, desks, beds) in the command position which is facing the door and off to the side a bit. When this isn’t possible, use mirrors so that you are always aware of the entryway. This applies well in kitchens where the stove position leaves you with your back to the door. And if possible, don’t place fire elements (stove) next to water (sink) elements.

In general, keep rooms free of extra un-needed pieces of furniture and general clutter to promote harmony. Over stuffed rooms create an air of chaos and confusion. A big mistake is using too much furniture that keeps the Chi (energy) from freely flowing. Place furniture in corners whenever possible. This will keep Chi from collecting there and allow it to continue on its flow.

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