Feng Shui Your Home – Part 1The Basics

A few months ago we posted a brief overview of Feng Shui - the Chinese art or practice of positioning objects. Feng Shui can be applied to everything and anything, especially when it comes to your home. And who wouldn’t want their home to fall into the peaceful ancient time-tested pattern of yin and yang that promotes the flow of Chi (positive energy)!

Furniture placement using Feng Shui will be different in each house because of the architectural design. Spend time in each room and get a “feel” or “sense” of how the energy flows. You’ll know if your placement works or doesn’t work. Keep changing it until you find the most comfortable arrangement for you and use the following tips to help.

First, take a look at each of the rooms in your home and determine the amount of light that is present. Is the room dark? Then this is “yin” and you will want to add something bright and/or colorful which is “yang” to balance the harmony. Conversely, if the room is very light (yang), then you’ll want to introduce a dark piece of furniture (yin) to create harmony. Choose your furniture and their placements wisely.

Next time we’ll dissect the rooms in your house and provide some tips to balance your yin and yang and promote Chi (energy)!

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