Forgotten Spaces

It’s a natural tendency to put a lot of focus on the main living areas in our homes, like the family room, dining room, and bedroom. And that means we often overlook spaces like an alcove, entry, stairwell or hall space. It’s time to expand that focus and include areas you might not have considered before in your house room designs. For instance, even the area under a bar-height counter can lend itself to having a specialized treatment. Various types of textural tiles, in a variety of patterns (i.e. block formation, diagonal, or checkerboard) can be installed. Also, adding either up-lighting or down-lights - depending on the application - can be an effective way to draw attention to the texture and added architectural detail.

Today’s wall coverings are “not your grandmother’s wallpaper”! (Sorry, Granny!) We are fortunate to have a wide assortment of papers to choose from that fit every taste and style. Some have actual tiny beads embedded, adding a shimmery elegance to a more formal featured wall or alcove. If you want to “wow” your family and guests with house rooms designs that have a more natural, earthy feel, a wall covering made of actual wood bark or shells might be a good option. With a little adventurous research and a D.I.Y. spirit, along with the proper tools and know-how, you can add some unique excitement to your forgotten spaces! The possibilities are endless!

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