Hanukkah, Christmas and other family traditions all have their own unique “look” that makes them special and differentiates them from each other. Whether you are preparing your home for these or other family traditions, be sure to incorporate symbolic, decorative items that are related to your special holiday. Begin with your front door as it plays a particularly important role – it’s the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. Adorn it with a fresh wreath of acorns, pinecones, dried berries, and perhaps a few ornaments.

Inside, display a collection of dreydl, nutcrackers, or other collectibles surrounded by fresh greenery on a mantle, or hang them from a staircase banister. If your home doesn’t have these architectural features, use the top of a bookcase, credenza, or buffet. For a “touch of whimsy” hang some delicate ornaments at varying heights from a chandelier with decorative ribbons. Don’t feel trapped by traditional holiday color schemes. Try a variation of silver and white with crystal accents. Next time we’ll talk more about getting “crafty”!

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