GET SET, READY, GO – HOLIDAYS!!! Part Two – “Let’s Get Creative”

The Holiday’s are the perfect time to let your imagination go wild, to start a new family tradition and to get “creative”! For instance, attach holiday cards to strands of colorful lights. Add cards to the strands as they arrive in your home throughout the season. Beautiful paper lanterns also add a festive touch and can be incorporated into various holiday décor with colorful ribbons that are traditional to your religion.

If you enjoy “crafting”, there are numerous ideas for “homemade decorations” in almost every monthly magazine and daytime TV show. For example, bring nature into your home, and recruit everyone of any age in your family to join in the fun and apply glue and glitter to “found” pinecones. A lovely Menorah can be made from a Manzanita branch, by simply applying spray paint and hot-gluing the candle holders at various points on the branch. Use live greenery, ribbons, and scrap fabric to create festive, decorative items from homemade wreaths to table decorations and everything in between!

As you personalize your home for your holiday tradition, don’t forget to take the time to enjoy your family and friends throughout this special season!

Enjoy creating new traditions!

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