Going Green With Your Home Design

You don’t have to sacrifice beautiful, tasteful design to “Go Green” in deciding how to design a room and looking for furniture for the home. An easy start is to use low VOC paint, which reduces the release of toxic fumes and harmful gases into your home. There are many good quality brands with an array of wonderful color options. If you choose to use wallpaper in decorating your room, make sure your selections were produced from renewable forests, using water based inks – free of heavy metals and solvents.

For window treatments or upholstery, many companies are offering more fabric options, containing post-consumer, recycled materials. The “feel” and quality are wonderful, and you will not have to sacrifice the “designer look” you are trying to achieve. If you’re having difficulty locating these types of products, call one of our friendly designers to assist you with some selections or brand recommendations. Also, you can watch for the feature article on this topic, in the upcoming issue of Destination Tampa Bay Magazine.

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