Man Cave – Golf Stuff – Creating a space for him

What’s the perfect Florida man cave theme? Golf! How about bringing the fairway indoors? It’s the perfect way to create a man cave that is sure to inspire conversation among your golf friends. The best way to start this project is to think of the unexpected or an exaggerated point. For example, you could use exterior patio elements to create a room arrangement that looks like a golf cart.

Another idea is to incorporate a really obvious item - carpet the area in a color that mimics the putting green or a sand trap. But why stop there? Go the extra mile and add a sunken hole for putting practice, and pop a flag in there!

Take the time to look at some unused golfing tools (there’s always some hanging around) and how they can be creatively used. Golf clubs can double as curtain rods over narrow windows, golf balls can be cut in half for perfect bases to tables or glued to the walls to create a 19 – every man’s favorite hole!

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