Mother’s Day – Patio Dining

Celebrating your mom on Mother’s Day at home is a treasured treat! Since we live in the perfect area with the perfect climate, why not take that special meal outside and enjoy the beautiful seasonal weather! And, we know you’ll find that creating a pleasing patio design that will embrace this festive holiday will be a lot of fun.

First, start by deciding which meal will be served outside. For brunch (11am - 2pm), you’ll want to be conscious of the sun being directly overhead at its highest point. Make sure that mom’s head is covered – in which case the patio umbrella or overhang will become the design focal point. If you’re planning on the meal later in the day around dinner (3 - 6pm), then twilight is in the air and the bright setting sun will need to be factored into your design plan. If later, then lighting becomes the focus.

Next, take a few moments to plant some blooming annuals near the dining area.  Nothing sets the stage and says welcome better then pretty flowers! Some other tips for outdoor dining are to place fresh cut flowers or a potted flower plant on the dining table that matches the annuals planted nearby. Mix up the place settings – it will add to the relaxed atmosphere. Remember to keep the table setting simple and “grounded” as a gust of wind could come up and change it all up for you.

If your patio flooring is looking a bit “used”, try adding a throw rug or two.  Bringing the inside out adds a wonderful touch to an outdoor dining party.

No matter what you choose to do, the most important thing is to celebrate Mom and thank her for everything she had done for you!

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