New Website Launched for Interior Designer – Decker Ross

The recent launch of the new Decker Ross website is designed to pull the visitor into a world filled with beautiful things, wondrous furniture designs and a community of interior designers dedicated to making hearts happy.

In coming up with the initial concept for the website, Decker Ross Interiors principal, Suzan Decker-Ross, wanted to ensure that the website keeps the visitor’s experience front and center – as is the case with her interior design projects as well.  Combining the initial visual appeal of recent projects with insightful quotes from historical celebrities, the visitor is walked through a digital storybook, of sorts, of the projects from the interior design team at Decker Ross Interiors.

The new website will become the medium to portray our artistic process and enduring results to our remote prospective clients.  Furniture design, especially around the Clearwater and Florida region, ranges from traditional and contemporary to modern and eclectic.  Clearwater has been a home to snowbirds from around the country and hence, has become a melting pot of many regions coming together, so just about any furniture design concept fits well.

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