Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to address ways to prepare your home for guests. If you’re working with a neutral color scheme, bringing in some fresh “autumn” tones can put your family and guests in the spirit of the season. This can be accomplished with some new pillows, a comfortable “throw”, and candles, in earthy oranges – which is one of the latest designer color trends currently on the market. Splashes of burgundy, brick red, and even subtle green tones can add an entirely new look to a neutral space.

Swapping out your art and wall decor is another way to bring some fall color into your home. Arrange a room that is welcoming. Even changing some mats framing your cherished photographs can help give your home a subtle new look. Even pictures of rooms in a house provide a great escape. Seasonally colored fresh flowers, in vases of varying heights, are a wonderful way to revive a table or console and welcome guests. Find an old wooden salad bowl, or other interesting vessel, and add decorative balls, or even pinecones for a seasonal centerpiece. Place a few holiday accessories on boxes of different heights, to add interest to a sideboard. Table runners, in fall colors, are great ways to spruce up your table or buffet. If you have access to some fall leaves, those can be placed under a glass on one of your tables, or between pieces of glass and framed as seasonal art! Enjoy!

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