Romancing the Bedroom – Part I

Want to spice up your love life? Then plan to spice up your bedroom! Any room can be renewed with the right furnishings, textures, accessories and lighting. Soft linens and enticing colors add to the ambiance creating a sensual mood with the added bonus of creating a soothing sanctuary that can be enjoyed by any couple. When decorating your bedroom, you may be starting with a clean slate or pieces you already own. Either way, we can guide you by designing a cohesive beautiful retreat that you’ll want to spend time in.

To create a master bedroom that reflects and showcases your taste, start by choosing just the right color theme. When decorating your bedroom, consider monochromatic color schemes which are popular today, as are greens combined with either brown or blue. Green tones bring a fresh, light feeling, and also help you feel grounded, while blue is a cleansing, relaxing color. Some people opt for gender-neutral colors, while others prefer warm colors, such as paprika, hibiscus red or tangerine to spice up their bedroom.

Color is important, but don’t underestimate the importance of texture and incorporate that into the overall design of decorating your bedroom. Soft luxurious sheets, down-filled duvets and plump pillows create a steamy mood and make the bed – which should be the main focus of the room – more inviting. The headboard must stand out and this can be accomplished by covering it in a striking upholstery fabric, or by letting it dominate as the focal point in wrought iron or wood. These options create a variety of textures to offset the softness of the bedding. Don’t delay – plan to spice things up now!

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