Wedding Registry Idea – Register on Facebook through June for consultation on the newlywed home

‘Tis the season of raining brides! It’s that time of year again, and the bridal season is in full bloom. Romance is in the air, the roses are ordered and the champagne is chilling. No doubt, the plane tickets for the honeymoon are purchased and the perfect resort is booked. Now it’s time for the happy couple to come home to the combined pile of their own eclectic mix of… dare we say it… stuff!

Don’t panic, we have the perfect solution - Bridal Houseup, our 2013 Spring Facebook Giveaway Contest. All soon to be brides and newlyweds are encouraged to enter for a chance to win a couple’s design consultation focused on how to create the perfect nest at home. So, if the groom is tries to bring in that “worn-in” armchair that looks similar to that coveted Holy T-shirt that you don’t know what to do about… or the bride decides that the color pink goes with everything, don’t fear! We have a plan to fix that too.

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