Why Hire an Interior Designer for your project?

This question pops up frequently. Especially in conjunction with the sentiment that “If I save some money by not hiring an interior designer, then I’ll have more money to spend on accessories. After all, how hard can it be?” WRONG!

The answer is, it’s all too easy to distinguish between a DIY (do it yourself) project and one that was created by an experienced designer. A professional interior designer can take your project from inception to completion without blinking an eye. They will ensure that you avoid costly mistakes, as well as decreasing your stress levels. How do they do it? Simple, they have an “eye” for design, the knowledge and experience to work with contractors and vendors, and they develop a plan! Instead of haphazardly purchasing random pieces at a furniture store, a designer can envision and implement an overall design plan to create a cohesive look throughout your home or office. In addition, a well educated, experienced designer can spot potential problem areas in construction projects, by viewing a set of blueprints with a critical eye, thus averting issues before the building, or renovation process begins. This saves time and money for the client, not to mention the peace of mind in knowing that the job will be done correctly from the onset.

Interior designers are truly multi-faceted. For example, in the preliminary phase, the designer will create a scaled plan illustrating how the furniture will fit into the space on the floor plan. This step ensures ordering proportional pieces in the correct size, as well as assists the client in envisioning how the room will eventually look. From blueprints to finishing touches, interior designers offer preliminary planning, project coordination with architects, builders, and subcontractors and then complete the look of your project with art, accessories, and the appropriate lighting.

A highly qualified interior designer can give you access to more than a thousand assorted vendors that cater to every budget. This helps to create a unique, beautiful space that will reflect your taste, personality and lifestyle – a space that will you’ll be proud of for many years to come.

Decker Ross Interiors has successfully served the Tampa Bay area for over twenty years. Our accomplishments include Destination Tampa Bay Magazine’s recent designation as “Design Expert”, where our work is featured in their articles. Other honors and awards include winning HGTV’s Designer’s Challenge, as well as “Business of the Year” from the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce. Our work has been featured in both national, local print and television media, including a series of segments as “Design Guru” on NBC’s Daytime Show.

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