Capitol Theater

The Capitol Theater is a major Clearwater, FL historic renovation. The renovation is scheduled to be complete in October 2013. Decker Ross is the official interior designer to bring the original Mediterranean Revival look from 1921.


The major renovation and expansion of Clearwater's historic Capitol Theatre is nearing completion and we are pleased to be a part of the team restoring this beautiful gem! Working with a number of creative visionaries is exciting and rewarding. Our part has been to provide guidance with some of the key design elements - from architectural features and finishes- to window treatments and a few furnishings. The process has involved numerous meetings, presentations, reviews and revisions along with a few "hard hat" visits to the site. It's amazing to see how many people care enough to spend countless hours to give this theater new life- with a "nod to the past" and an "eye to the future". We will all enjoy it for years to come!

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